31 Jul 2012

Where to Buy Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

You never know how it will cost until you buy your bridesmaid dresses, so set yourself a budget and try to find budget saving bridesmaid dresses. Here are strategies to find dresses that are both stylish and affordable. Look at the following recommendations places, where you could find suitable dresses.

Rentals- Compare to buy stylish but cheap bridesmaid dresses, rent bridesmaids dresses could be a good option. Most rental locations carry the latest styles and renting them only cost a fraction of buying one. Moreover, most shops are willing to accommodate reasonable alterations to the dresses as well as the cleaning and steaming of the dress. If you do not have such stores near you, there are online websites that are geared towards bridal rentals.

Shopping online- When we want to buy cheap bridesmaid dresses, online shops couldn’t be missed. With this tool, the price of the bridesmaids dress will be within your price range. The only potential problem with purchasing a dress online is that your girls won’t be able to try on before it is purchased. However, if a similar style can be found at a bridal boutique, your bridesmaids will be able to try them on, and then purchase them on the online shop.

Department Stores - Department stores can actually be a great location for buying discount bridesmaid dresses. If you are willing to think slightly outside of the box, then you will be able to locate potential bridal dresses in the formal-wear or dressy section of the store. Because these dresses are not considered "traditional" bridal dresses, they will cost considerably less. Furthermore, most department stores cannot be surpassed in the selection of sizes that they carry. Always remember that if a dress does not fit properly, it can be taken to a seamstress for alterations.

30 Jul 2012

Wedding Guest Dresses by Season

People nowadays all know the essential rules of wedding wear, like not wearing white or anything over revealing. However, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to figure out the right thing to wear. So look your wedding invitation first to define the formality of the wedding. Then take style cues from the wedding time, ensuring that your dress is stylish and appropriate for the season.

For spring weddings, dresses in pastel colors are recommended, such as pastel pink, green, purple or yellow. Floral prints also work well with spring weddings. Sheath is fairly popular at wedding, which is fitted throughout with a pencil-style skirt, accentuating curves without being too tight. It may be chilly to wear a strapless or spaghetti straps skirt, a sheath dress with sleeves are good options. Pair your dress with a cardigan or shawl in matching or complementary color would be wise.

For summer weddings, sheath dress could be also chosen, but instead of pastel, go for bolder, brighter colors. Think bright greens, yellows, purples and blues. Prints also work well in bolder colors. Since many summer weddings are outside, so it’s better not to wear your best heels, which could end up sinking in the grass. Go with lighter fabrics in the summer, such as linen and cotton, as long as the wedding is very formal. In that case, choose chiffon or satin cocktail dresses.

Choose a dress in a warm, fall color, such as a deep red, orange or purple, and bring a cardigan with you in case it is cold. Interesting prints work well, but keep away from floral designs that look better in the spring. You can also wear tights underneath your dress if it is very cold. Select dark-colored tights to make a bright-colored dress stand out. Accentuate the dress with matching jewelry in jewel tones, such as ruby and emerald.

If the wedding is in a cold region, the weather makes the dressing of the winter wedding easy: dress warmly. Choose dresses in rich tones such as plum, burgundy red and forest green or shimmery gold, silver and black. Shimmery, sparkly dresses have a festive mood that match the winter holidays. Knee-length and tea-length dress are fashionable, so it is recommended.

29 Jul 2012

Mother of the Bride Dress Rules

It is clear that the bride’s and groom’s mother should wear dresses that coordinate with the overall look of the whole wedding, no matter the style or the color. For it is important that all the dress complement each other. But this doesn’t mean that mothers should wear conservative and formal dresses, below you will see the guidelines to enable you find proper mother of the bride dresses.

What Not To Wear
White, is the first that mothers should avoid. If mothers wear white, they will look closely resemble the brides, which is very tacky. And if mothers want to wear black, they should consult the opinions of the bride. Though black is a standard color for evening wear, it can stir up controversy when it comes to wedding. In the past, if mothers wear black, it meant that they did not approve the wedding; today, black will also cause a flurry of gossip. So it is wise to consult bride’s opinions.

Dressing Guidelines for Mothers
For a very formal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear floor-length gowns and these gowns should NOT be white. Wear heels that are appropriate for the dress but try to select comfortable shoes. Coordinate your accessories but leave the watch at home! For a formal wedding the mothers should wear corsages or carry small bouquets.
For a semi-formal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear a street-length dress, again, it should NOT be white. Heels and accessories should coordinate with the dress. For a semi-formal wedding the mothers should wear corsages.
For an informal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear a suit or nice "Sunday" dresses, again, it should NOT be white. Or, if the informal wedding is being held at the beach or some other fun or unusual location, the mothers should dress appropriately. Heels and accessories should coordinate. For an informal wedding the mothers should wear corsages.

26 Jul 2012

Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

Adorable little girls wearing the stunning flower girl dresses always bring a sweet touch to both the wedding ceremony and wedding guests. They look like little angels and add more romance to your wedding. Never should you leave the decision of flower girl dresses made by others. And when it comes to the choice of flower girl dress, you should know the following notifications.

1 The color
If your wedding color scheme is in plain, then the color of flower girl dresses need to avoid those with bright and a little outlandish colors. Pink, white, light blue and light lavender are good to accentuate the pure and adorable attributes. And it is easy to decorate a pure colored dress, you can apply a colored sash around the waist and this will make the whole look more energetic.

2 Bring the little angels with you when shopping.
Because they are going to wear the flower girl dresses, so the dresses chose must be what they like. Make sure the little sweeties have a say in their own dress. They will happy in wearing what they like and will lighten their face with the most naive smile on your wedding day.

3 Avoid overlong dresses.
Tea length dress is in style and they are classic and elegant enough for a formal wedding. If your wedding theme is casual, then you will have more options. But remember to steer clear of the long dress as the little kid are easy to be tripped over and in the hot summer wedding, the long dresses are less airy and too hot to wear.

4 Places to shop for you flower girl dresses. 
The online stores, your local boutiques and even the children clothes stores all offer a large number of options. It is a great idea to shop your flower girl dress together with your wedding dress. Ask the designer to recommend a style that coordinates with your wedding gown and wedding theme.

5 Avoid sequins and tightness. 
Comfort should always be your first consideration for flower girl dresses. It is an awkward moment to see the little girl burst into tears when getting scratched by the sequins on the alter.

25 Jul 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses Hints

Being a bridesmaid is proud, no matter how many times you have been a bridesmaid, you will always feel happy for it. Or if you are the bride, you will be confused by so many different elements to consider. Here are the basics.

1. Consider different body types. The problem with a lot of the ugly bridesmaid dresses is that they don’t suit all the girls in the party. Do you really want to stick one of your supposedly best friends in a dress shape she’d never get caught dead in otherwise? You’d prefer a happy bridal party than knowing your friends are going to resent you for the rest of their lives.

2. Choose a theme, and allow some freedom. Pick a theme, and let your bridesmaid to choose something that works best for them. That could be a color, a fabric, or a style of dress. For example if you want everyone in chocolate brown, choose the fabric and allow each girl to pick the shape that best suits her. Another option is to buy accessories, suppose you provide a red belt and corsage, everyone buys a black, knee length dress. And then, the girls might actually wear their dresses again!)

3. Allow them to personalize. Don’t force them to all wear the same shoes, fascinator, and jewelry. In fact, don’t allow fascinators in your wedding, full stop. They are an accessory that should be banned unless you are a burlesque star.

4. You may seek revenge. If you’ve had to suffer through several weddings wearing hideous dresses, and you want to get back at them, and then invite those brides to be in your party, and choose the ugliest lime green, pouffy dress with matching dyed satin shoes. And, make them pay. They may not be smiling in the wedding photos, but you sure will.