24 Aug 2012

Guest Attire Don'ts

To find a suitable dress to wear to a wedding really takes a lot of considerations and a lot of aspects need to be included. Remember the following don’ts.
Don't wear shorts. Unless the bride and groom have specifically told you what to wear to a beach wedding and it includes shorts, you should not wear shorts to even a casual wedding. You can always find a lightweight linen skirt or slacks to wear on the big day.

Don't wear revealing clothing. You may have worked hard for those abs or have gorgeous legs, but now is not the time to show off. Men can wear fitted pants and shirts but should not wear burnout clothing or sleeveless tops. Women should take care that their tops are not too low, their skirts are not too high, and that the dress is not too tight. If you cannot sit or bend over without adjusting your clothing, it is probably too revealing.

Don't wear jeans. Unless you are attending a western theme wedding, it is best to leave the jeans behind for the weekend. Dress pants come in a range of styles for men and women, including denim-style cuts. Clothes can be comfortable and classy.

Don't assume the formality. While looking at the invitation wedding location can clue you in to how formal the wedding will be, you may be wrong. If you are unsure whether you should wear a cocktail dress or sundress or polo with dress slacks or full tuxedo, call one of the bridal party members to find out.

22 Aug 2012

Mother of the Bride Dress We Recommend

In a wedding, the bride is evidently the focus of all. But don’t ever forget there are flower girls, bridal parties and mother of the bride and groom you need to pay attention to. Brides wear wedding gown, so what do mothers wear? Brands like Alfred Angelo and Lazaro all bear this in mind and launched us numerous delicate mother of the bride dress. Let’s get some inspirations of what mothers should wear to a wedding.

Garden Party Mother of the Bride Dress
A V-neck dress with an A-line skirt and a knee-length coat by Collection 20 by Watters. 

Formal Mother of the Bride Dress
A taffeta gown with a lace and tulle overlay by Ivonne D.

Structured Mother of the Bride Dress
A silk shantung dress with a bolero jacket by Montage Boutique.

Sophisticated Mother of the Bride Dress
A taffeta gown with a lace illusion neckline by Ivonne D.

Conservative Mother of the Bride Dress
Silk dupioni two-piece dress with a ruched jacket and three-quarter-length sleeves by Collection 20 by Watters.

Modern Mother of the Bride Dress
Fit-and-flare beaded gown with a sheer tulle overlay and an illusion bateau neckline by Ines Di Santo.

Black-Tie Mother of the Bride Dress
V-neck A-line gown by Noir by Lazaro.

Romantic Mother of the Bride Dress
Fit-and-flare gown with black charmeuse and a lace overlay by Jim Hjelm.

Fun Mother of the Bride Dress
Taffeta halter-strap ball gown by Alfred Angelo.

Classic Mother of the Bride Dress
Fit-and-flare gown with a lace bodice overlay and peplum by Noir by Lazaro.

Casual Mother of the Bride Dress
Cap-sleeve jersey dress with a ruched bodice by Amsale.

Mother of the Bride Cocktail Dress
Sequined cap-sleeve cocktail dress by Alfred Angelo.

21 Aug 2012

Good Things for Flower Girls

Flower Girl Parasols
Your tiniest attendants will positively bloom thanks to these posy-topped rice-paper parasols.
Tights with Bows
Keep little legs warm for a winter wedding with these embellished tights. Just sew pretty satin bows to the backs of her stockings for added cute points (score extra by matching the color of the ribbon to her shoes).
Flower Girl Basket
This basket of pink roses makes the flower girl's job easy and pretty.
Bells of the Ball
To add a playful punch of color to your flower girls' shoes, dye plain-white satin slippers in a pretty color to match your wedding palette. Then, sew a smattering of bells, along with some ribbon, on them. Your flower girl will love waltzing down the aisle with a ring in her step!
Sequined Flower Girl Cardigan
Offer your flower girl a bit of playful bling by attaching a border of sequin trim to her sweater. Use fabric glue, which will ensure that the sparklers stay put even in the washing machine.
Flower Girl Lace Petticoat
Lace details on the flower girls petticoat can also be made by printing on heat transfer paper and ironing on to the petticoat fabric.

20 Aug 2012

To Be A Color Bridesmaid

What’s the feeling when been invited to your best friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid? Girls who have such kind of experience before would understand the duty of being a bridesmaid, tired enough but still move to tears. Bridesmaid perhaps is an identity which attracts people’s attention a lot, because you could feel the happiness of your friends and wear beautiful bridesmaid dress. Summer has arrived, the color of bridesmaid dresses begin to live. See the colorful collections.

19 Aug 2012

Wear Maxi to Wedding

A summer wedding is the perfect opportunity for light and stylish maxi dresses for wedding guests. Chic and comfortable, a maxi dress can be dressed up with jewelry and accessories for a formal wedding or worn without adornments for more casual wedding guest fashion simplicity.

We adore the sexy, flowing scarf-inspired D&G maxi dresses for Summer 2012 with their flattering tiers of exotic multi-layered prints. This is maxi dress decadence to the…max!

Elegantly perfect for any formal or casual affair, this 100% polyester pleated maxi dress from Ted Baker is a stunner. Remove the thin fabric belt for a more free-flowing Greek goddess look. For bright and summery makeup with this beautiful dark orange dress, we suggest one of this year’s sumptuous Tangerine Tango shades for lips and eyes.

Gorgeous for an evening ceremony, we love the satin abstract print Mila maxi dress from Forever Unique. Laser cut sequin detailing at the shoulder and waist bring this multicolored dress from pretty to ravishing. This one shoulder-strap dress is fully lined, with invisible side zipper.

Feminine simplicity for summer nuptials, wedding guests will feel both pretty and comfortable in this mushroom-colored strapless maxi dress from T-Bags Los Angeles. The mix of rayon and spandex makes this fabric feel so good against the skin for a long, lovely day of celebrating.

16 Aug 2012

5 Considerations for Mother of the Bride's Dress

1: Wear Mom’s Dress or Veils
Isn’t it exciting to wear your mother’s wedding dress with updates and alterations? But if you do not like style, bring your mother to boutiques and count on her for an honest opinion. And if wearing mom’s dress doesn’t work on you, wearing her veil is also a good option. Incorporating part or all of a mother's veil or headpiece into yours creates a special bond between mother and daughter.

2: Dressing Your Mother (and His)
Once the wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses have been determined, the bride can go ahead for mother’s dresses. Brides could suggest colors and styles that complement the whole wedding theme, but remember to give your mom a say. Only the comfortable dress will satisfy her.

3: Please Be Seated
Today's families don't necessarily always follow tradition. Even if you follow the specific rules your faith dictates for the actual ceremony, you can always bend the rules a bit for the processional. For example, if your ceremony is Christian, you could still ask your mother to join your father in walking you down the aisle.

4: Honor Mothers
It is a long tradition that couples take time to honor mothers. For example, some couples present their mothers with a flower during the ceremony. Others plan a unity ritual to symbolize the blending of the two families. A popular practice is for the bride and groom to light a candle from a candle held by their mothers and then to use the flames to light one central candle. Adding special songs, poems or readings to the service is a touching way to pay homage to a mother.

5: The Reception
After the bride and groom are hitched, it's time to celebrate. The reception includes a few more rituals for the bride and her mother. Traditionally, the bride's parents are the reception hosts, so they head up the receiving line -- meeting, greeting and welcoming guests to the celebration. If the wedding party will be formally announced during the reception, again the bride's parents are first.

15 Aug 2012

How to Choose Junior Bridesmaid Dress

The major duty for a junior bridesmaid is to assist in escorting the bride when she walks down the aisle, hand out send-off items to guests, and read a poem or psalm during the wedding ceremony. Cute and innocent enough, junior bridesmaids are favored by more and more couples. How to dress up them like little princess? The following tips you should never miss.

Tip 1: Consider the wedding’s motif
As commonly practiced, all the participants’ dresses should go along with the wedding’s motif. Since junior bridesmaids are of the teenage group, any color should be a safe choice. For a more experimental approach, get away from the typical all-white wedding affair and instead detour to darker shades such as black. Or a dark brown junior bridesmaid dress can be further highlighted by adding white turquoise, or lavender sashes.

Tip 2: Choose the style appropriate for the girl’s age group.
By considering the style, you get to decide whether the outfit will be strapless or not; full-length or knee-length; square neck or v-neck; etc... Some ideal styles for junior bridesmaids are spaghetti-strapped gowns or dresses with bell cuffs, three-quarter sleeves, Juliet sleeves, or caps. As to the dresses’ length, full-length dresses for fat leg girls; while slim girls can opt for knee-length dresses.

Tip 3: Search for online stores.
Junior bridesmaid dresses at online shops come in cheaper price. If you’re lucky, you may also stumble upon nice quality dresses on sale. Online shops are all over the internet. All you need to have is a bit of patience in going over the websites so you can score the best junior bridesmaid dress deal.

Tip 4: Choose dresses are could be reused.
If you want to be more economical, try to be practical by choosing junior bridesmaid dresses that the girls can wear to other special occasions as well. Practice being practical and do not let the dresses rot inside the closet after using it on a single occasion.

14 Aug 2012

Find Right Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

It is no longer difficult to find a suitable maternity bridesmaid dress any more, many dress shops offer a selection of bridesmaid dresses that are in both regular and maternity size, which is really considerate, allowing pregnant and non-pregnant bridesmaids to shine at the same time. Though may be slightly different in style, maternity bridesmaid dresses may compatible with other bridesmaid dresses.

If you are newly pregnant and the wedding is coming soon, you could wear the same dress as the rest of the bridal party do. All you need to do is to order the dress in a larger size that you normally wear, or to alter the dress to fit you properly. If you will be further along at the time of the wedding, you will probably need a maternity bridesmaid dress that is cut differently than the regular dresses to allow for the changes in the shape of your body.

I still stick to my point of view that is the most important factor is comfort, both physically and mentally. Tight fitting, revealing and skimpy clothes may not be appropriate or comfortable for a pregnant bridesmaid. Although some women are happy to wear the same style of clothing when they are pregnant as when they aren't, not all women feel this way. You want to feel and look your best that day, so choose something within your comfort zone.

Most maternity bridesmaid dresses adopt an empire waist, which will flatter a pregnant woman more than a clingy gown. This is a style that flatters and fits a pregnant woman well, regardless of how pregnant she is, as it does not have a tight waist and can have a generous amount of fabric in the skirt. With an empire waist bridesmaid dress, some pregnant women do not show much.

If the dress you have chosen is different from the dresses worn by the rest of the bridal party, try to choose one that is similar in style and that complements the other dresses. Pick a dress that is the same color as the other bridesmaid dresses. Shopping for dresses with the rest of the bridal party will make it easier to find dresses that are similar. Ordering dresses from the same vendor will ensure that all of the dresses are the same exact color, as they will all be cut from the same cloth. Always follow the bride's direction when choosing your dress, but make sure she knows what you feel comfortable wearing.

13 Aug 2012

Shopping for Wedding Guest Dress

Have you ever puzzled by what to wear to a wedding? Even you know the time and its formality. Yes, it is difficult to find a suitable dress to wear to a wedding as there are so many considerations you need to take care of. Today, I will recommend you a video, which includes the author’s own experience, and her shopping procedure will give you a lot of clues.

12 Aug 2012

Fabric and Textures

Seasons always inspire fashion trends, but none more so than wedding fashion. Autumn and winter are totally different seasons from summer, beautiful natural colors and textures are the most distinctive ones. Today, let’s have a look at the textures.

When talking about fall mother of the bride dresses, chilly couldn’t be neglect, so being able to cover up and keep warm is the right fabric. If the right fabric is used, alter a summer dress pattern is also ok. Heavier fabrics like silk, fur, brocades and even satins are all appropriate.

While a fall or winter dress needs to provide warmth, most wedding receptions take place indoors. For this reason it is not necessary to opt for a dress that is made from heavy duty wool, high necked and long sleeved. Instead, you can find a dress that's layered for warmth. For instance, while the body of the dress can be made from a thicker material, the sleeves and neckline could be crafted from something much more flattering and delicate. It is also possible to get away with a sleeveless outfit and pair it with a jacket, wrap or cape trimmed in faux fur. This often adds a touch of stateliness to the mother of the bride dress.

Velvet is considered one of the most sumptuous fabrics in the world. Its luxurious feel and aesthetic make it an elegant fabric choice for mother of the bride dresses. And its sturdy weight makes it drape beautifully, which is ideal for dresses, capes and wraps.

Fake fur is one more wonderful winter material. Apart from its tactile appeal, it is perfect for accentuating an outfit. It is opulent and luxurious and can make a statement unlike any other.

9 Aug 2012

Cutest Flower Girl Modelling

Flower girls on the wedding are always an eye-catching scenery, let's imagine those beautiful little girls wearing the princess-like dresses and holding the train for the bride, what a impressive picture.
Today, I have collected some of the cutest flower girl dresses, get some inspirations from here.

7 Aug 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses Colors Meanings

While choosing the bridesmaid dresses, there are many elements need to consider. Among all the considerations, color perhaps is the most important one. Different colors have different meanings; do you know exactly what they imply?

Yellow is always preferred by outgoing couples and is a color that is full of positive energy. It bears the spirit of bright, optimistic and full of the promise of a happy future. And often this kind of wedding is filled with entertainment and music. And yellow fits spring wedding well as it symbolizes a new beginning.

Red is a passionate color, it always means the couple have accepted danger as part of life and embraces it in marriage. Normally, such kind of wedding will be untraditional. Everyone wants to be invited to such wedding.

Purple is for the traditional couple. Imagine the wedding in a traditional church ceremony filled with nostalgia as purple is a very romantic and feminine color. This couple considers their love will withstand the test of time. They view each other as unique and extremely special.

Green represents stable and hopeful and show the couple’s eager to start a family. Outdoor wedding often choose green as its main color, as the outdoor denotes new beginning and growth. Green also stands for a future filled with balance and stability.

Blue stands for loyalty, honesty, and faithfulness, qualities a marriage cannot last without. This color is for the calm and conservative couple, bent on showing the world the genuinely simple love they share. Blue conveys importance and confidence, and is fitting for a professional couple with religious beliefs whose love is pure and none judgmental.

If the dress is a brown one, it shows the wedding will be a warm, honest, and comforting one, just like the love shared by the beautiful couple. The color brown represents wholesome and earthly qualities, perfect for a casual affair.

Black is prepared for couples who embrace their unknown and mysterious future, and the sense of potential and possibility is intoxicating for them. Black dresses convey elegance and sophistication, especially at a formal event like a wedding.

6 Aug 2012

What to Wear to A Fall Wedding?

Fall is great time for wedding, isn’t it? The romantic and changing color of the season make for a most beautiful scene. So choose the right outfit to a fall wedding not only makes you look good but also show your great taste.

Colors. This is a season that all about colors, filled by rich, natural colors. Red, oranges, yellows and browns are the representatives of fall colors, which you should consider to wear to a fall wedding. Dark colors such as black, navy blue, plums and deep purples are also appropriate to wear to fall wedding. The most creative way is to incorporate some of these colors into your wedding attire.

Material. The reason why material of the attire is important is that this season’s weather is unpredictable. If the wedding is an outdoor one, the material choice is even more important. Silk, satin, cashmere, velvet, cotton and wool are all great materials you to try wearing.

Formal/informal. A suit would be fantastic to wear to both a formal or informal fall wedding. If you decide to wear a suit, choose a matching shirt and handkerchief. A tuxedo would look great on any man attending a formal evening wedding. Your tux should include a black bow tie and cummerbund.

Casual. Casual weddings call for the type of dress you would wear to a restaurant. Slacks and a polo shirt are appropriate for men to wear to a casual fall wedding.

Shoes. Shoes are an important aspect of wedding attire. Black, plain-toe oxfords are the standard. Although, browns can be worn in the day time. Try to steer clear of wing tips, or the type of show you might wear to the office.

5 Aug 2012

Picking Out Perfect Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Picking out the proper mother of the bride dresses not only presents mother’s personal style but also reflect a good image of the bride. So the choosing of the mother of the bride dress needs to be careful.

Classy and Modish Tea-Length Mother of the Bride Dresses
Types of mother of the bride dresses are so plenty. Popular styles like sheath, long-sleeved and strapless are available on the market. And the type of such dress is depended on the theme of the wedding, that is to say, it needs to be appropriated. One can’t be forgotten is the dress should not be too revealing and funky. The latest fashions currently are tea-length mother of the bride dresses which are not too long or too short, because tea-length dresses are ideal and ultimate pick to provide the mother a trendy look on her daughter’s big day. Opt for short sleeves rather than sleeveless, you will look classy and modish. To finish off the look with pearl or embellishments would be best additions.

A-line Mother of the Bride Dresses Complement the Bride
The most important to remember is not to follow the fashion blindly. Though both of the bride and mom need to look equally stunning on the wedding day, but the mother can’t upstage the bride. So the perfect mother of the bride dress involves a delicate balance between the mother and the bride outfits. A-line mother of the bride dresses are of extremely beautiful. If it is strapless, pair it with sheer jacket to create a lovely look. With necklace or earrings, you can add a right style element to the simple A-line gowns.

So, if you a bride-to-be planning your wedding gowns, do not neglect your mother of the bride dresses for the sentimental and meaningful occasions! Just check a great variety of wedding apparel via shopsimple.com.

2 Aug 2012

Opt for Vibrant Colors Flower Girl Dresses

Brides are expressing their sense of style and vision of their wedding with strong, vibrant colors like never before and this is directly reflected in their choices for the dresses they choose for their flower girls and junior brides maids.

What are we seeing? Bold - splashy - gorgeous - vibrant color!

Being the color of the year, oranges are becoming more and more popular. Mixed in correctly, this can really "pop" - especially when others in the wedding party are in colors like chocolate, cocoa, taupe or shades or green. Just be sure that a similar shade of orange is in the flowers - and voila - perfect coordination!

Reds are always popular and deep red such as claret is especially beautiful. This can accent so many beautiful wedding themes from black-and-white to pink or burgundy with the right shade.

Lavenders, pinks, blues and greens have always been favorites and continue. They can coordinate with purples and other shades of pink so beautifully!

Try to think "outside the box" when planning your wedding - a splash of complimentary color can be a GREAT accent and make it young and fresh. Consider lavender or purple for green themes, and yellow with lavender themes, or pink with deep red themes! Again - be sure that the accent color is reflected in your flowers.

We're seeing more and more black flower girl dresses, which really is a relief; black can totally over power a little one and many couples like to apply them to their flower girl dresses.

And for the final "wow factor" - have her shoes dyed to match the vibrant color you selected for her dress, sash or flowers! Dyed shoes for little girls aren't expensive at all. She'll feel like a princess with this perfect accessory!