30 Oct 2012

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Undoubtedly, the whole wedding is all about the bride, she is absolutely the bright point in the wedding. The wedding dress, the shoes, the jewelry, everything is chosen to make the bride standout like a princess. And just like them, the bridesmaid is there to compliment the bride and to make the whole entourage look beautiful as well. The bridesmaids do play an essential role before and during a wedding ceremony. They not only serve as the adviser but also a confidant of the bride during the whole wedding. Bridesmaid’s jewelry is traditionally the gift from the bride. It’s one of the most common gifts from the bride. Bridesmaid jewelry sets do give a bridesmaid an air of royalty and elegance during a wedding ceremony.

When it comes to color, the bridesmaid jewelry can either be the same color shade of the bride’s or of a contrasting color to compliment the whole wedding theme. For example, if you are going to a white themed wedding, the bridesmaid jewelry color can be of the white shades like off-white, ivory and so on. Or you can go for contrasting colors, like purple bridesmaid jewelry, pink bridesmaid jewelry or even black ones.

For the gems of your bridesmaid jewelry, from crystal ones to pearl ones to diamond ones, there are various choices. Remember your bridesmaid jewelry will not outshine the bride jewelry.

Also, your bridesmaid jewelry should work well with your bridesmaid dress, for example your neckline. If you have a strapless neckline, the bridesmaid jewelry should be close to your neck; if you have a deep neckline, choose that bridesmaid jewelry which has a pendant. 

26 Oct 2012

Mother of Bride Dresses

Undoubtedly, the bride is considered to be the bright point in their wedding with her stunning and elegant wedding dress. However, as another of attraction, the mother of bride plays an essential role in the wedding, and their dresses should also be given importance. When your daughter is picking out a perfect wedding gown for her wedding day, you should also try to find a dress that complements your personal style without upstaging the bride. To be the next best-dresses woman in the wedding, you should have a knowledge of your body type and select a proper dress for mother of the bride which would coordinate with the wedding theme.

The color of dress may be the first thing you think of. Keep in your mind that the color you choose should both complement and highlight the wedding color theme. However, not all colors and not all color shades complement the individual. Choose the one that matches your skin.

As for the fabric, chiffon, satin, taffeta, are all good choices. The most crucial thing to consider when buying a mother of the bride dress is the fit of the dress. Make sure that you will not feel uncomfortable with the fabric.

As winter is coming, dresses with sleeves are suitable for a winter wedding theme. For you have to breath in chill air, these dresses will keep warm. Also, it is very elegant.

22 Oct 2012

The Styles of Flower Girl Dress

The flower girls, who are usually between three to eight, walk down the aisle ahead of the maid of honor, scattering flowers and confetti in the path of the bride. When selecting flower girl dresses for your wedding, there are many things to take into consideration, for example the age and the height of the flower girl, the color, the style and size of the flower girl dress and so on. Wondering what is hot in flower girl dress fashion? The first step you have to do is to know what styles of flower girl dress are available. The most important thing to remember with flower girl fashion is to make sure that your flower girl is comfortable and at the same time complimenting the theme of the day – including color and mood.

Even as a little girl, the flower girl wants to be a princess in the wedding. They want to look and feel fancy just like the bride in the dress. So, there are many flower girl dresses designed like the princess dresses with a full skirt and lots of frills.

The shorter, box-pleated flower girl dresses are actually very pretty. The pleated flower girl dress is not as full as the princess flower girl dress, but still decorative.

Actually, the flower girl dress ought to be as dainty and simple as possible. So, may be an A-line or column dress can be a good choice. The column flower girl dress is a straight dress with a bias-type cut and vertical seams, which gives the long, slender look.

18 Oct 2012

The Length of Bridesmaid Dress

There are so many things you have to consider and prepare before your wedding, right? You have spent large amounts of time on searching out your perfect wedding dress, then, cheer up, what you have to do next is to find the perfect bridesmaid dress for you bridesmaids. It is obviously that the color of your bridesmaid dresses should coincident with your wedding theme and the bridal bouquet in some region. Bridesmaid dress is the key factor to perfect your wedding. So, after picking out your wedding dress, it’s time to select your bridesmaid dress. Like bride wedding dress, there are various kinds of bridesmaid dress to opt.

The floor length bridesmaid dress tends to be more formal. This kind of bridesmaid dress may be the most common in the wedding. With strapless s neckline, it can show off your perfect figure.

The ankle length bridesmaid dress is somehow not so common as the floor length ones. This kind dress is usually with the bubble skirt. Paired with lovely shoes, your bridesmaid is really charming.

The knee length bridesmaid dress is also very popular these days. Available in different colors and designs, the knee length bridesmaid dress is more and more common in the wedding.

The short/mini length bridesmaid dress is relatively not so formal as the floor length ones. However, it’s really lovely and cute.

15 Oct 2012

The Mini Skirt

Mini skirt has always gotten the most of compliments from not only women but also men. So why not only woman but also man is so fond of the mini skirt? The reason perhaps is that the actual amount of a women’s body by the mini skirt verses the amount of the body that is left up to man’s imagination. The length of a mini skirt can be the key seduction to man. Besides, this kind of skirt will certainly show off the women’s figure and curves. Then, why not to purchase a mini skirt for your wardrobe?

The mini skirt is not new in the fashion industry. With time passing by, the styles and materials of mini skirt change. The denim mini skirt may be the first image that comes into your mind. Actually, the denim mini skirt is so classic and has always stayed in fashion. You can always find that the celebrity wearing a denim mini skirt on their street photography. A simple T-shirt is often a good match for the denim mini skirt.

The leather mini skirt is considered to be the most fashionable among all the miniskirts, and it has rocked the fashion and cinema worlds. As the natural material, the leather material is highly elastic and can fit your body shape like a second skin. Also, the leather mini skirt will make you look taller, thinner and full stylish. If you think that the leather mini skirt is somehow not appropriate for the formal occasion, wear leggings under your skirt, it will add a little class and fashion to your look.

The chiffon layered mini skirt is also popular today. This kind of mini skirt will make you look more energetic and lovely.

10 Oct 2012

Choose A Perfect Slit Skirt for Yourself

Who don’t want to be the center of attraction at prom night? Who don’t want to be the party queen in the evening party? And who don’t want to find her own fate in the wedding ceremony? It’s the dream for almost every girl! There is a plethora of dresses for your choices for the party. And there is no doubt that the skirt can show your slim figure or plump body shape. Then, there come difficulties: how to dress can we be the most stunning girls? Which dress can show the perfect part of our body and meanwhile hide the flaws? For example, your slender legs.

Do you want to be the very special and different woman in the party? Well, there is a plenty of knowledge about skirt you have to learn, and here I suggest one styled formal dress that will make you look like a fashion forward queen—the slit skirt can help you meet your expectation.

It’s fundamental to have the basic knowledge of the slit skirt. There are there basic types of slit skirt, slit on the sides, slit in front and slit at behind. It is not wide open, or deep-V. This shape is often seen on long gown and formal dress. Also, the length of the slit is various. There are half length, three-quarter length and full length. According to the train, the slit is diverse.

If you have perfect curves, slender legs, and want to show off them, you can choose the dress with high slit. This kind of dress is sought after among the trendsetters and celebrities for its glamour in appearance. That’s why lots of celebrities select it to show before the public.

The skirt with slit behind is more conserved, while the skirt with slit in front tends to be sexier. It all depends on what style you are going to present. And both the halter and strapless neckline match the slit skirt can perfectly reveal the glamour of women.

9 Oct 2012

How to Get A Cheap Wedding Dress

I dare to say that all girls, form kids to teens, from young girls to older women, already have a specific idea of their perfect dreaming wedding dress for their perfect dreaming day. Also, your wedding gown has a dreamy price tag too. Choosing a perfect wedding dress can be very time-consuming and demanding, especially when your mind wanders from one design to another. At this time, one crucial thing you have to consider is the price. In the premise of likability, the price of your gown can be essence of your choice. Rather than taking a large sum of money on your wedding dress, why not save these money for your honey moon? However shopping for a cheap wedding dress isn’t easy at all. If you are ready to take a little extra effort and spend a little extra time to seek around, you are able to get the less expensive gown. So, how to find the cheap wedding dress? There are several ways to “cut down” the price.
First, you have to realize that opting a cheap wedding dress does not mean to sacrifice the quality of your gown. Instead, you can reduce the embellishments in your dress with a simple design. As we know, the high price of the gown depends on the expensive embellishment on the wedding dress. Crystal, jewel, rhinestone even diamond are usually used to decorate the gown. Or, you can choose other ornament using inexpensive but beautiful laces wherever required.

Fabric is another major share of the cost of the wedding dress. You can choose chiffon instead of the costly taffeta or organza. Also, if you wish to go for a cheap wedding dress, you may have to opt for a simple silhouette with short skirt length.

You can make use of the Internet. There are large amounts of websites that offer cheap wedding dress. The businessmen now tend to put their goods on line, so that they don’t need the expensive retail space, and they can operate in industrial space, even at home. Ask for full details before you decide to buy.