7 Aug 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses Colors Meanings

While choosing the bridesmaid dresses, there are many elements need to consider. Among all the considerations, color perhaps is the most important one. Different colors have different meanings; do you know exactly what they imply?

Yellow is always preferred by outgoing couples and is a color that is full of positive energy. It bears the spirit of bright, optimistic and full of the promise of a happy future. And often this kind of wedding is filled with entertainment and music. And yellow fits spring wedding well as it symbolizes a new beginning.

Red is a passionate color, it always means the couple have accepted danger as part of life and embraces it in marriage. Normally, such kind of wedding will be untraditional. Everyone wants to be invited to such wedding.

Purple is for the traditional couple. Imagine the wedding in a traditional church ceremony filled with nostalgia as purple is a very romantic and feminine color. This couple considers their love will withstand the test of time. They view each other as unique and extremely special.

Green represents stable and hopeful and show the couple’s eager to start a family. Outdoor wedding often choose green as its main color, as the outdoor denotes new beginning and growth. Green also stands for a future filled with balance and stability.

Blue stands for loyalty, honesty, and faithfulness, qualities a marriage cannot last without. This color is for the calm and conservative couple, bent on showing the world the genuinely simple love they share. Blue conveys importance and confidence, and is fitting for a professional couple with religious beliefs whose love is pure and none judgmental.

If the dress is a brown one, it shows the wedding will be a warm, honest, and comforting one, just like the love shared by the beautiful couple. The color brown represents wholesome and earthly qualities, perfect for a casual affair.

Black is prepared for couples who embrace their unknown and mysterious future, and the sense of potential and possibility is intoxicating for them. Black dresses convey elegance and sophistication, especially at a formal event like a wedding.


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