26 Oct 2012

Mother of Bride Dresses

Undoubtedly, the bride is considered to be the bright point in their wedding with her stunning and elegant wedding dress. However, as another of attraction, the mother of bride plays an essential role in the wedding, and their dresses should also be given importance. When your daughter is picking out a perfect wedding gown for her wedding day, you should also try to find a dress that complements your personal style without upstaging the bride. To be the next best-dresses woman in the wedding, you should have a knowledge of your body type and select a proper dress for mother of the bride which would coordinate with the wedding theme.

The color of dress may be the first thing you think of. Keep in your mind that the color you choose should both complement and highlight the wedding color theme. However, not all colors and not all color shades complement the individual. Choose the one that matches your skin.

As for the fabric, chiffon, satin, taffeta, are all good choices. The most crucial thing to consider when buying a mother of the bride dress is the fit of the dress. Make sure that you will not feel uncomfortable with the fabric.

As winter is coming, dresses with sleeves are suitable for a winter wedding theme. For you have to breath in chill air, these dresses will keep warm. Also, it is very elegant.

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