29 Nov 2012

Pick Glamorous Non-Matching Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Bridesmaids

The chorus line of perfectly matched bridesmaids is so old fashioned. For a contemporary wedding, it looks much fresher when the bridesmaids coordinate without wearing the exact same dress. Do you want something new and different for your bridesmaid dresses? Then look no further, non-matching bridesmaid dresses look amazing when done well, and allow each of your bridesmaids to feel comfortable in a unique style and color.

The key to successfully mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses and accessories is to choose a few main elements that will be the same throughout. That will ensure that the bridal party looks like a group, even though each woman is allowed to express her individual taste. Besides, without any sort of unifying elements, the bridesmaids will not look like a group at all, but more like the wedding guest.

According to your wedding theme, choosing a palette with a broad range of color shades will allow you to use this look to its full potential. Non matching bridesmaid dresses can be print, solid, multi-colored or a combination as long as they fit in the chosen color palette and look nice all together.

If you still prefer the look of using just one color, or one print, then let them each choose a unique style in that fabric. 

Recently, the rainbow bridesmaid dresses are very popular. 


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