12 Jul 2012

Jacket Dresses for Mother of the Bride

Bridal mothers must remember their own wedding as if it was just yesterday. And they will be so elated that their daughters will finally grow up to a lovely woman and begin their new duties in life. So moms should go for stunning dresses that help show your beauty. There are versatile dresses for you to choose, but if you do not want to flaunt your arms unnecessarily, go for dresses with sleeves.

Flowing Gown
Get yourself a stunning gown in a light pastel shade. Team it up with a shrug that either matches it perfectly or contrasts it loudly. The shrug that you're wearing should be a full sleeve one. This is what will give this outfit an elegant and mature look. Don't miss the strand of pearls around your neck!

Vintage Dress
Vintage mother of the bride dresses with jackets is a splendid idea. Sophistication and maturity at its height! The jacket can be of the same material as the dress. If you've found such a dress, but it does not have a jacket, then visit some stores and find yourself a bolero. It is a more stately type of shrug and will give you an air of quality.

Tea-Length Dress
Choose from a variety of tea length dresses that can be teamed with jackets for a semi-formal look. If you get the jacket with the dress, well and good. But if you don't, then opt for a translucent sleeve jacket. It will conceal your arms, but give just a hint of skin. That way you won't feel conscious, neither too flashy.

Skirt with Jacket
You have to admit that a skirt with a jacket is what most mothers of brides opt for. The perfect skirt is easier to find, compared to a gown or a dress. Plus, when we talk about jackets, it's much easier to team a skirt with a jacket than with a dress or gown. So, you can get a skirt and blouse set in a color that complements your skin tone and you can either match the jacket of the outfit itself, or go for a contrast. Additionally, you can also go for an ethnic skirt and blouse and wear a matching jacket with it.

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