30 Jul 2012

Wedding Guest Dresses by Season

People nowadays all know the essential rules of wedding wear, like not wearing white or anything over revealing. However, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to figure out the right thing to wear. So look your wedding invitation first to define the formality of the wedding. Then take style cues from the wedding time, ensuring that your dress is stylish and appropriate for the season.

For spring weddings, dresses in pastel colors are recommended, such as pastel pink, green, purple or yellow. Floral prints also work well with spring weddings. Sheath is fairly popular at wedding, which is fitted throughout with a pencil-style skirt, accentuating curves without being too tight. It may be chilly to wear a strapless or spaghetti straps skirt, a sheath dress with sleeves are good options. Pair your dress with a cardigan or shawl in matching or complementary color would be wise.

For summer weddings, sheath dress could be also chosen, but instead of pastel, go for bolder, brighter colors. Think bright greens, yellows, purples and blues. Prints also work well in bolder colors. Since many summer weddings are outside, so it’s better not to wear your best heels, which could end up sinking in the grass. Go with lighter fabrics in the summer, such as linen and cotton, as long as the wedding is very formal. In that case, choose chiffon or satin cocktail dresses.

Choose a dress in a warm, fall color, such as a deep red, orange or purple, and bring a cardigan with you in case it is cold. Interesting prints work well, but keep away from floral designs that look better in the spring. You can also wear tights underneath your dress if it is very cold. Select dark-colored tights to make a bright-colored dress stand out. Accentuate the dress with matching jewelry in jewel tones, such as ruby and emerald.

If the wedding is in a cold region, the weather makes the dressing of the winter wedding easy: dress warmly. Choose dresses in rich tones such as plum, burgundy red and forest green or shimmery gold, silver and black. Shimmery, sparkly dresses have a festive mood that match the winter holidays. Knee-length and tea-length dress are fashionable, so it is recommended.

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