23 Jul 2012

Color for Mother of the Bride Dress

Your daughters spend a lot of time on choosing the wedding dress, it’s time for yourself to select the right color of mother of the bride dress for her big day. The goal is to select a color that is flattering for pictures and surely there are certain do’s and don’ts.

Before shopping, it is important to set a few rules for concerning the color of the outfit. First, under no circumstances should you wear a white dress. This is considered an etiquette faux pas, particularly for the mother of the bride, because the mother should not overshadow the bride, and the color white is strictly reserved for the bride on her wedding day.
Additionally, caution should be taken in purchasing a black ensemble. Some attendees may misconstrue this color choice as an indicator the mother is not happy about the marriage. However, for a night or very formal wedding, black can be an appropriate choice if the bride gives her consent.
Another color that tends to be controversial is red, which may add too much contrast against the bride wearing white. Again, keep in mind the wedding's level of formality and the bride's consent.

A mother of the bride looks best in a color that is complementary to the bride's dress. In doing this, she matches the overall theme and tenor of the wedding itself. A good rule of thumb is to select a color that may be similar to the color of the bridesmaids' dresses.
Another good rule of thumb is to select something in a neutral color, such as taupe, brown or navy.

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