26 Jul 2012

Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

Adorable little girls wearing the stunning flower girl dresses always bring a sweet touch to both the wedding ceremony and wedding guests. They look like little angels and add more romance to your wedding. Never should you leave the decision of flower girl dresses made by others. And when it comes to the choice of flower girl dress, you should know the following notifications.

1 The color
If your wedding color scheme is in plain, then the color of flower girl dresses need to avoid those with bright and a little outlandish colors. Pink, white, light blue and light lavender are good to accentuate the pure and adorable attributes. And it is easy to decorate a pure colored dress, you can apply a colored sash around the waist and this will make the whole look more energetic.

2 Bring the little angels with you when shopping.
Because they are going to wear the flower girl dresses, so the dresses chose must be what they like. Make sure the little sweeties have a say in their own dress. They will happy in wearing what they like and will lighten their face with the most naive smile on your wedding day.

3 Avoid overlong dresses.
Tea length dress is in style and they are classic and elegant enough for a formal wedding. If your wedding theme is casual, then you will have more options. But remember to steer clear of the long dress as the little kid are easy to be tripped over and in the hot summer wedding, the long dresses are less airy and too hot to wear.

4 Places to shop for you flower girl dresses. 
The online stores, your local boutiques and even the children clothes stores all offer a large number of options. It is a great idea to shop your flower girl dress together with your wedding dress. Ask the designer to recommend a style that coordinates with your wedding gown and wedding theme.

5 Avoid sequins and tightness. 
Comfort should always be your first consideration for flower girl dresses. It is an awkward moment to see the little girl burst into tears when getting scratched by the sequins on the alter.

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