25 Jul 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses Hints

Being a bridesmaid is proud, no matter how many times you have been a bridesmaid, you will always feel happy for it. Or if you are the bride, you will be confused by so many different elements to consider. Here are the basics.

1. Consider different body types. The problem with a lot of the ugly bridesmaid dresses is that they don’t suit all the girls in the party. Do you really want to stick one of your supposedly best friends in a dress shape she’d never get caught dead in otherwise? You’d prefer a happy bridal party than knowing your friends are going to resent you for the rest of their lives.

2. Choose a theme, and allow some freedom. Pick a theme, and let your bridesmaid to choose something that works best for them. That could be a color, a fabric, or a style of dress. For example if you want everyone in chocolate brown, choose the fabric and allow each girl to pick the shape that best suits her. Another option is to buy accessories, suppose you provide a red belt and corsage, everyone buys a black, knee length dress. And then, the girls might actually wear their dresses again!)

3. Allow them to personalize. Don’t force them to all wear the same shoes, fascinator, and jewelry. In fact, don’t allow fascinators in your wedding, full stop. They are an accessory that should be banned unless you are a burlesque star.

4. You may seek revenge. If you’ve had to suffer through several weddings wearing hideous dresses, and you want to get back at them, and then invite those brides to be in your party, and choose the ugliest lime green, pouffy dress with matching dyed satin shoes. And, make them pay. They may not be smiling in the wedding photos, but you sure will.

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