24 Jul 2012

Dress by Types of Wedding

The etiquette for wedding attire usually depends on the style of the wedding, such as location, time and family background. And all these are indicators for your dress code. You may also find clues in your wedding invitation. So let’s have a look.

Outdoors Attire
For women, floral patterned dresses are perfect for outdoor, daytime weddings. Go with appropriate-length dresses with pastel colors and light fabrics. Leggings also coordinate nicely. If the wedding is on the beach, be sure to wear sandals. If a dress is not preferable, a light-colored suit will do wonders. However, avoid dark colors at all costs. Daytime weddings give off a lighthearted and playful atmosphere. Accessorize with a hat. As for men, suits will always work; particularly dark, grays and navy ones. Unless the invitation specifies that the wedding is formal, a tuxedo is not necessary.

Formal Attire
Formal attire for women can be achieved with a simple, black cocktail dress accessorized with jewelry. Long dresses that go to the floor or flowing gowns also fit in this category. Pumps always go well with evening attire. Be careful of being too inappropriate. Strapless dresses and attire that bears too much cleavage are a no-go. Darker colors and sophisticated-looking outfits look much better. For men, tuxedos are the norm.

Semi-Formal Attire
Semi-formal attire is similar to outdoors attire. Skirts, sundresses, or colorful dresses for the ladies are always appropriate. Avoid floor-length dresses. For the men, a blazer is not necessary. A dress shirt, slacks and a tie will complete the look perfectly.

What To Avoid
Don't be overly suggestive or show too much skin. Though weddings are meant to be fun and joyous occasions, keep to a mildly conservative dress code. For women especially, wearing white is not allowed. You don't want to upstage the bride. Men don't have to be too troubled about what to wear because unless otherwise specified, suits are always the standard wear. For men, avoid multicolored garb and oddly patterned ties.

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