12 Aug 2012

Fabric and Textures

Seasons always inspire fashion trends, but none more so than wedding fashion. Autumn and winter are totally different seasons from summer, beautiful natural colors and textures are the most distinctive ones. Today, let’s have a look at the textures.

When talking about fall mother of the bride dresses, chilly couldn’t be neglect, so being able to cover up and keep warm is the right fabric. If the right fabric is used, alter a summer dress pattern is also ok. Heavier fabrics like silk, fur, brocades and even satins are all appropriate.

While a fall or winter dress needs to provide warmth, most wedding receptions take place indoors. For this reason it is not necessary to opt for a dress that is made from heavy duty wool, high necked and long sleeved. Instead, you can find a dress that's layered for warmth. For instance, while the body of the dress can be made from a thicker material, the sleeves and neckline could be crafted from something much more flattering and delicate. It is also possible to get away with a sleeveless outfit and pair it with a jacket, wrap or cape trimmed in faux fur. This often adds a touch of stateliness to the mother of the bride dress.

Velvet is considered one of the most sumptuous fabrics in the world. Its luxurious feel and aesthetic make it an elegant fabric choice for mother of the bride dresses. And its sturdy weight makes it drape beautifully, which is ideal for dresses, capes and wraps.

Fake fur is one more wonderful winter material. Apart from its tactile appeal, it is perfect for accentuating an outfit. It is opulent and luxurious and can make a statement unlike any other.

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