15 Aug 2012

How to Choose Junior Bridesmaid Dress

The major duty for a junior bridesmaid is to assist in escorting the bride when she walks down the aisle, hand out send-off items to guests, and read a poem or psalm during the wedding ceremony. Cute and innocent enough, junior bridesmaids are favored by more and more couples. How to dress up them like little princess? The following tips you should never miss.

Tip 1: Consider the wedding’s motif
As commonly practiced, all the participants’ dresses should go along with the wedding’s motif. Since junior bridesmaids are of the teenage group, any color should be a safe choice. For a more experimental approach, get away from the typical all-white wedding affair and instead detour to darker shades such as black. Or a dark brown junior bridesmaid dress can be further highlighted by adding white turquoise, or lavender sashes.

Tip 2: Choose the style appropriate for the girl’s age group.
By considering the style, you get to decide whether the outfit will be strapless or not; full-length or knee-length; square neck or v-neck; etc... Some ideal styles for junior bridesmaids are spaghetti-strapped gowns or dresses with bell cuffs, three-quarter sleeves, Juliet sleeves, or caps. As to the dresses’ length, full-length dresses for fat leg girls; while slim girls can opt for knee-length dresses.

Tip 3: Search for online stores.
Junior bridesmaid dresses at online shops come in cheaper price. If you’re lucky, you may also stumble upon nice quality dresses on sale. Online shops are all over the internet. All you need to have is a bit of patience in going over the websites so you can score the best junior bridesmaid dress deal.

Tip 4: Choose dresses are could be reused.
If you want to be more economical, try to be practical by choosing junior bridesmaid dresses that the girls can wear to other special occasions as well. Practice being practical and do not let the dresses rot inside the closet after using it on a single occasion.

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