24 Aug 2012

Guest Attire Don'ts

To find a suitable dress to wear to a wedding really takes a lot of considerations and a lot of aspects need to be included. Remember the following don’ts.
Don't wear shorts. Unless the bride and groom have specifically told you what to wear to a beach wedding and it includes shorts, you should not wear shorts to even a casual wedding. You can always find a lightweight linen skirt or slacks to wear on the big day.

Don't wear revealing clothing. You may have worked hard for those abs or have gorgeous legs, but now is not the time to show off. Men can wear fitted pants and shirts but should not wear burnout clothing or sleeveless tops. Women should take care that their tops are not too low, their skirts are not too high, and that the dress is not too tight. If you cannot sit or bend over without adjusting your clothing, it is probably too revealing.

Don't wear jeans. Unless you are attending a western theme wedding, it is best to leave the jeans behind for the weekend. Dress pants come in a range of styles for men and women, including denim-style cuts. Clothes can be comfortable and classy.

Don't assume the formality. While looking at the invitation wedding location can clue you in to how formal the wedding will be, you may be wrong. If you are unsure whether you should wear a cocktail dress or sundress or polo with dress slacks or full tuxedo, call one of the bridal party members to find out.

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