2 Aug 2012

Opt for Vibrant Colors Flower Girl Dresses

Brides are expressing their sense of style and vision of their wedding with strong, vibrant colors like never before and this is directly reflected in their choices for the dresses they choose for their flower girls and junior brides maids.

What are we seeing? Bold - splashy - gorgeous - vibrant color!

Being the color of the year, oranges are becoming more and more popular. Mixed in correctly, this can really "pop" - especially when others in the wedding party are in colors like chocolate, cocoa, taupe or shades or green. Just be sure that a similar shade of orange is in the flowers - and voila - perfect coordination!

Reds are always popular and deep red such as claret is especially beautiful. This can accent so many beautiful wedding themes from black-and-white to pink or burgundy with the right shade.

Lavenders, pinks, blues and greens have always been favorites and continue. They can coordinate with purples and other shades of pink so beautifully!

Try to think "outside the box" when planning your wedding - a splash of complimentary color can be a GREAT accent and make it young and fresh. Consider lavender or purple for green themes, and yellow with lavender themes, or pink with deep red themes! Again - be sure that the accent color is reflected in your flowers.

We're seeing more and more black flower girl dresses, which really is a relief; black can totally over power a little one and many couples like to apply them to their flower girl dresses.

And for the final "wow factor" - have her shoes dyed to match the vibrant color you selected for her dress, sash or flowers! Dyed shoes for little girls aren't expensive at all. She'll feel like a princess with this perfect accessory!

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