17 Dec 2012

Let Your Flower Girl Bloom with Colors

Babies are the most beautiful miracle of God. Wherever they go, their presence just naturally attract everyone's attention adding warmth and purity to the air. This innate gravitation makes them these angels loved by all. No wonder brides and grooms love to invite little girls to their weddings. Tradition has had it in American wedding culture for decades the standard flower girl dresses uniform. Usually this will be a satin, taffeta, or organza white dress with a fat oversized sash colored with the theme of the bridesmaids dresses.

However, recently, we have seen a new trend in fashion. Happy to say, the old plain white dress is out and sparkle sequin and bright colors are in. We are seeing these beautiful tropical calypso colors in carnival themed weddings. We are seeing rich silver and gold with a glamorous shimmer. Even styles a little more grown up and pageant like are making an appearance.

It is really a fascinating experience to get dolled up, which will refresh flower girls’ memory. Their walk down the aisle along with the brides creates a very moving scene for the guests. Definitely, you can have a variety of colors to dress your little angel up when it comes to the flower girls dresses. White and pink are all the time favorites.

No matter how traditional white is, it is never out dated and always classified as the most classic shades in the weddings. You can even go for the copy of bridal dresses making them mini brides. White color can be enhanced by accessorizing it with refreshing color combinations.

Pastel shades are an ideal choice to enhance the innocence of the babies. These adorable and lovely colors can affect the innocent and purity features of our little girls. You can choose any pretty pastel shade and make them look heavenly. Soft peach, champagne, ocean blue, cream, lavender and lime yellow can be brilliant choices for the dresses.

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