30 Oct 2012

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Undoubtedly, the whole wedding is all about the bride, she is absolutely the bright point in the wedding. The wedding dress, the shoes, the jewelry, everything is chosen to make the bride standout like a princess. And just like them, the bridesmaid is there to compliment the bride and to make the whole entourage look beautiful as well. The bridesmaids do play an essential role before and during a wedding ceremony. They not only serve as the adviser but also a confidant of the bride during the whole wedding. Bridesmaid’s jewelry is traditionally the gift from the bride. It’s one of the most common gifts from the bride. Bridesmaid jewelry sets do give a bridesmaid an air of royalty and elegance during a wedding ceremony.

When it comes to color, the bridesmaid jewelry can either be the same color shade of the bride’s or of a contrasting color to compliment the whole wedding theme. For example, if you are going to a white themed wedding, the bridesmaid jewelry color can be of the white shades like off-white, ivory and so on. Or you can go for contrasting colors, like purple bridesmaid jewelry, pink bridesmaid jewelry or even black ones.

For the gems of your bridesmaid jewelry, from crystal ones to pearl ones to diamond ones, there are various choices. Remember your bridesmaid jewelry will not outshine the bride jewelry.

Also, your bridesmaid jewelry should work well with your bridesmaid dress, for example your neckline. If you have a strapless neckline, the bridesmaid jewelry should be close to your neck; if you have a deep neckline, choose that bridesmaid jewelry which has a pendant. 

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