1 Nov 2012

Pretty Accessories for Your Pretty Flower Girls

The flower girl is another supporting role in your wedding. Undoubtedly, she will also draw extra attention from the guest in attendance. If you think that there is no need to adorn your little flower girl with accessories, then you must be out of fashion. Accessory does not mean the jewelry only, which is not usually considered appropriate for a very young flower girl. There are various adorable accessories to dress your flower girl in and try to use these accessories to make your flower girl more lovable and endearing.

Gloves and Shoes
When it comes to your little flower girl’s shoes, the most concerned thing is comfort. It is crucial for your flower girl to feel comfortable with the shoes. Simple ballerina slippers are good choices. Gloves are adorable additions to compliment your flower girl’s look. If your little flower girl is willing to take a pair of gloves, choose proper ones for her so that to tie your wedding theme together.

Flowers and Petals
Usually, your flower girl is supposed to carry a bouquet of flowers, which is a small version of bride’s bouquet. If you are planning to have your flower girl carry a basket of flowers instead, then it is important to decide on the color and style of the basket you want her to use. Usually, a wicker basket is preferable choice. So as to the petals, there is an abundance of flowers to choose from, from rose petals to lilies.

Bows, Ribbons, and Sashes
If you want to accentuate your wedding theme or color scheme, you can choose these accessories to dress your flower girl in.

It can be the very beautiful accessories among all the accessories. Tiara, mini veil and so on, there are artless innumerable choices for you.

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