16 Jul 2012

What Is A Flower Girl

The flower girl is the smallest participant in the wedding, and they often come from relatives or friend's family. It is a tradition that a flower girl walks in front of the bride and leads the way when walk down the aisle. She may spread flower petals on the floor before the bride or carry a bouquet of flowers or thornless roses. If the ceremony will not be particularly long, an older child may prefer to quietly stand at the altar with the other honor attendants. And the recommended age is between four and eight years, more than only one flower girl.

Historically, the clothing was provided by the families of the bride and groom, but most modern couples expect the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing and other expenses related to her participation.Her male equivalent is the ring bearer or page boy. Often the ring bearer and the flower girl are made to look like a couple, and they may be dressed in miniature versions of the bride's wedding dress and groom's clothes.

Very often, a flower girl is dressed in a mini-version of the bride's wedding dress, or a white dress with a sash that matches the bridesmaid's dresses. But you can choose any sweet dress that ties into the look of the wedding. Make sure it's comfortable and not too long, so that she won't be pulling at her dress or tripping down the aisle. If your flower girl doesn't like dresses, choose a pants outfit with the same level of formality as the bridesmaid dresses.

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