28 Sep 2012

To Choose A Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Have you ever imaged your wedding ceremony hosted on the beach, with the ocean as a backdrop and the sun providing a natural, harmonious ambience? The blue cloudless sky as far as you can see, the ocean breezes and the sandy golden beach-there are lots of love about having a beach wedding. In fact, the number of beaching weddings continues to multiply these years. More and more couples choose to host their weddings on a beach. Due to the different environments and surroundings, the beach wedding dress should be carefully selected. The beach weddings are different from the formal weddings in the church after all.

Due to the special environment, beach weddings do involve a lot of sand, a long gown with a Royal length train maybe is not a correct choice. The sand may get stuck in the folds and creases, and then run the dress as a whole. So, a relatively short wedding dress can be a good choice, like floor length, ankle length.

For the silhouette of wedding dress, you can choose your gown either by using an empire cut or sheath cut. Remember one thing, your wedding is not a formal one, but a relatively causal one. Stop hesitation!

Since you have chosen to have a beach wedding, why not enjoy the ocean breezes and sunshine? Give away those heavy materials, just go for a slightly cheaper alternative of light fabrics, like chiffon, tulle. Just enjoy your beach wedding! 

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